Top Features Of A Samsung Galaxy S5

Top Features Of A Samsung Galaxy  S5

The unique and outstanding features of this galaxy S5 has helped it in winning the IT Pro’s Editor award. However, some users are whelmed when using this device probably due to its many advanced features.

Here are the top features of this excellent phone

Fingerprint security

Fingerprint scanners are not familiar with phones, but Samsung Galaxy S5 was among the first phones that included this important characteristic. This remarkable device is critical to ensuring the security of your device and also facilitates the unlocking of your phone. It is usually turned off automatically, but the feature can be enabled in the settings. In building an accurate picture, scanning of your finger several times is reqired-10 to 20 times. Several fingerprints can also be registered on your device.

Remote security features

With this feature, you can locate, wipe or unlock your device even when it is stolen or lost. A third party solution can be used in doing this. Samsung has designed its tools for use in the mobile device management. These devices include the knock security site for the enterprise users.

The download booster

Their download boosters are very excellent in downloading files even larger than 30MB. It combines both 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity thus providing extra download speed and bandwidth which is necessary for quick results.

Resistant to spills

The IP67 certification of the device makes it water resistant and dust proof. You, therefore, do not have to get worried in case your phone gets a little bit wet in case of bad weather. The devices ports are covered, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the back cover is always secure.

Boosts the battery life

The device’s battery saving mode will save you whenever you are not near from power for an extended period. This mode is readily available from the settings. The battery –hogging features can also be turned off such as the Smart Stay, Motion gestures, and the Air View.

Enabling this feature makes your phone last in the standby mode for an extended time.

Improved color accuracy

It is different settings allow you to change its phone’s color replication manually. It has five modes: Dynamic, Standard, Adapt Display Cinema and Professional Photo. Cinema mode provides magnificent color replication. The colors might appear bland, but the mood is fantastic for watching TV shows, sports, and movies.

Getting rid of its magazine widget

Swiping left from its home screen makes the magazine widget to pop up. This helps in aggregating the news content which is customizable thus allowing you to see tech, sports, entertainment and business updates.