Best Pregnancy Pillows

Being pregnant is associated with a lot of joy to the mothers. Women usually visit the clinic regularly to check on the baby’s growth. It is imperative for ladies to take care of their bodies during the pregnancy period. Taking care of their bodies means the babies are also taken care of. Most women experience some difficulties during their sleep from the fifth month of their pregnancy.

During the pregnancy period, mothers need steady and firm support particularly in the belly, neck and the back. The regular pillows do not have the capacity of providing the necessary support tho the expectant mothers. They are not helpful since they cannot keep the pregnant mother body in a relaxed condition.

Maternity pillows have been designed and developed to solve this problem. They are extremely helpful to the pregnant ladies as they are specially designed.

Benefits of pregnancy pillows

  • They reduce body pain by providing firm support. They are suitable for the wise side sleeping that is highly recommended by doctors to the expectant mothers.
  • It leads to increased blood flow to both the mother and the unborn baby.
  • They help in reducing swelling that is experienced by pregnant mothers.
  • After pregnancy, they can be used as nursing pillows,

Before purchasing your pregnancy pillow, you should take into account of the following features.

Comfort level

Some pillows are more comfortable than others.your head back, belly, knees, and hips should get the maximum comfortable support.

Helpful in side sleeping

This is the sleeping style recommended by doctors during pregnancy. The pillows should support sidewise sleeping.

Type of filler material

It is very crucial to consider the material used inside the pillows
Some materials are easy to clean while others are not.

Here is a list of the primary pregnancy pillows for pregnant mothers. Let us have a look.

Full-length pregnancy pillows

It is the best pillow since it provides a firm support for the knees, belly and back. It is 5-6 feet in length making it easy for the mothers to use.

Pregnancy wedges

They are small in size compared to the full-length pillows. They are mainly used for back and belly support. They provide the much-needed comfort during pregnancy. One can use more than one pillow due to their small size.

Maternity pillow of various shapes

Pregnancy pillows are available in different sizes and shapes. You can either choose te bean shaped or U-shaped pregnancy pillows.

U-shaped pillows

These pillows give you support to the knees, neck, back, and belly.

Bean shaped pillows

These are used for both the belly and back support.
Pregnancy pillows need to be taken care of. It is, therefore, the husband’s duty and other family members to take proper care for the pregnancy pillows.